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Dutch architect and designer Mart van Schijndel (1943-1999) had his own architectural firm from 1968 until his death in 1999. He has been the name behind a considerable number of architectural and interior design projects, for which he also designed much of the furniture and lighting. His work is characterised by geometric shapes and clear simplicity. He was always keen to experiment with new materials and techniques, often finding simple solutions to complex problems.In 1995 Van Schijndel received the Rietveld award for his private home at Pieterskerkhof in Utrecht.

A selection of Mart van Schijndel's archtectural projects:
Woonhuis Bedaux, Utrecht (1980) | LOKV, Utrecht (1984) | Woonhuis Unger, Bussum (1981) | Lumiance, Haarlem (1986) | Centraal Museum, Utrecht (1987) | Oudhof Effectenkantoor, Amsterdam (1990) | FSB, Utrecht (1990) | Het Koorenhuis, Den Haag (1992) | Woonhuis Hof, Amersfoort (1993) | Woonhuis Boot, Den Haag (1994) | Woonhuis Van Schijndel, Utrecht (1993) | Appartementen Pieterskerkhof, Utrecht (1995) | Kadaster, Apeldoorn (1999) | De Gruitpoort, Doetichem (1999) | Woonhuis Swaak, Bloemendaal (1999) | Centrum voor Kunst en Cultuur, Zoetermeer (2001)

Mart van Schijndel

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